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Hire Instragram Manager for Real & Organic growth of your Instagram Account with Cheetah Traffic.

Our team of Instagram experts will help you build a perfect strategy to attract your Target Audience

  • Real & Organic Instagram Growth

    We make sure you get real engagement & real interaction with your Instagram followers. Our tactics and strategies makes sure you grow organically

  • Targeted Audience

    Targeting and interacting with the audience most suitable for your Instagram growth like Gender, Location, etc

  • Instagram Experts

    Your Account will be managed by Instagram Experts who are aware of the best strategies and achieve goals realistically.

  • Experience in every Niche

    We have experience with Influencers and brands in every Niche. We will tell you the best and viral content ideas.

Basic Growth

$ 149 / Month
  • Organic Instagram Growth
  • Data Analysis
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Managed by Instagram Experts
  • Targeting by Hashtag
  • Targeting by Gender
  • Targeted Followers by Niche
  • Targeted Followers by Location
  • Increased Engagement
  • 75% More Growth
  • Premium Support over Whatsapp, Skype & Email

Premium Growth

$ 249 / Month
  • Organic Instagram Growth
  • Data Analysis
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Managed by Instagram Experts
  • Targeting by Hashtag
  • Targeting by Gender
  • Targeted Followers by Niche
  • Targeted Followers by Location
  • Increased Engagement
  • 75% More Growth
  • Premium Support over Whatsapp, Skype & Email

Reasons to Hire Instagram Manager

Instagram Manager discussing with Influencer

There are all the more reasons to Hire Instagram Manager. The landscape of social media has evolved so much around the clock, making it essential for us to be on our toes to adapt the change.

A few years ago, there were 3 million active users on Facebook and with the introduction of Instagram the scenario has completely changed.

On an average 55 million users are actively using Instagram and it also makes lot of money for businesses as it is the fastest growing social network.

So what are the statistics that make Instagram stand out?

  • Estimation of 60 million photos uploaded on Instagram every day.
  • 1.6 billion Likes per day on Instagram.
  • 50 Million Users have created accounts on Instagram in the last 6 months.
  • 57% of Instagram users access the site on a daily basis.
  • Engagement rates are 15 times higher than Facebook and 20 higher than Twitter.
  • 86% of top brands have Instagram accounts, that’s an increase from 71% earlier.
  • 73% of brands post at least one photo or video per week on Instagram.
  • Brands on Instagram with over 100K followers have grown by 163% in two years.
  • 54% of brands promote their Instagram accounts through custom tabs on Facebook.
  • Engagement of brand posts on Instagram are growing at a greater rate than the brands adopting the network.

It has steadily grown as massive social network on both mobile and web presence and has signs of increasing further, yet there are only 28% of marketers who use Instagram for marketing purposes.

Instagram having more than 800 million monthly users, is necessary to be considered as one of the leading platforms for B2B brands as well.

How does it help B2B – organizations can drive brand awareness, engage with the audiences, and attract new customers.  

With increasing popularity of the brands on the social space it is necessary that we have to be updated and maintain the profile. And to be relevant, on par with the competition one has to gain likes, followers, and engage the audiences so that the brand is accepted by the wide range of people.

It is easier said than done – isn’t it?  Not that easy to maintain a profile on the social channel as you will have to be dedicated and having a business means there would be other priorities which have to be taken care of.

A decade ago there was no urgency to hire Instagram Manager of social media manager but today almost every company has been active on social media in one or the other way.

Intagram manager optimizing your account

While the challenging part is to get real organic traffic, likes, follower’s and create brand awareness, the role of the social media manager has been labelled as a crucial contributor to channels.

And thence we have the role of a manager playing a crucial part in managing the social handles. According to you what are the responsibilities of a social media manager?

  • Create social media strategy
  • Brand reputation
  • Generate new ideas
  • Understand brand boundaries
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Create engagement
  • Identify target audience
  • Promotion strategy

Now that we have seen the usage of Instagram and the importance to hire Instagram manager, why do we not think of having a dedicated source of Instagram as it is the most influential platform on the digital media?

We can, right!

Just think why do you want to hire an Instagram expert, can you list a few reasons? Let me give you the scenario of what happens when you get an expert on board to handle your Instagram network.

Here are our 13 reasons to Hire Instagram Manager:

Expertise in your Niche

He/ she who will be managing the handle will be expert in your particular niche and will help you study or research in the trends of the industry. 

Analyze the industry and will suggest creative action items which will work for you the best.

Instagram Algorithm

As an expert, he will understand the mechanism of algorithm. How to position the brand and what are the factors that affect them. 

As Instagram is owned by Facebook, its factor are also in line with the platform such as interests, timelines, relationships, etc.

Improve Visibility

The most important element, visibility. As owners of the business we tend to miss out a few things which make a big difference. 

This gap is filled by these experts who will enable us to gain visibility. How will they do it?  By taking measures to acquire followers through the ratio of likes and comments. Based on which he will suggest the planned strategy.

Also at the same time following people in the niche, will enhance our visibility as a brand and gain organic traffic to our profile

Sales and Engagement

As a dedicated resource, he will contribute to the engagement with the followers. He will maintain relationships and act as the face of the brand, which will lead to the sale of the services through continuous engagement and lending them round the clock support for their queries.

Connect with Influencer

To gain followers and visibility, the best strategy is to build relationships with the influencers. The Instagram specialist will help you find finest of the influencers in the niche and connect with them. 

Collaborates with the influencers and maintains relationship, this will make the brand position not only within the circle but also with the influencers followers base.

Brand Outreach

Will guide you to make way into the communities which are similar to yours. He will identify like-minded communities and promote creativity enabling to engage more with the audience. 

Shares the brands story or any initiative that is taken up within the communities that think alike, which pop results for Instagram outreach marketing.

Content Strategy

He will suggest what type of content should be going on the platform for a particular post. The content is the main element, though the picture speaks.  It necessary that we have our content created creatively. 

If there are any changes required, those will also be handled by him and we don’t need run around for every situation. Life is simpler!

Content Distribution

The more you post, the more visibility and engagement is created. For this is the best way to get the customers to follow you. This can be a trick that will lead to content promotion through sponsored ads. Another factor that will give a brand value and visibility.

Strategies / Techniques

As a good profile manager, he will create a relevant hashtag for your post which will be viral and generate buzz in the audience.

Profile Optimization

This factor is a crucial one, as it starts with the profile creation. There are number of elements to be kept in mind and then create it strategically. 

Instagram expert will check for the business profile creation using a profile tracking link and add the bio, which will decide how to position the brand in social media.

IGTV - New Feature

This has made Instagram users go gaga, and has been viral for quite some time. 

This is a creative corner on the platform through which we can optimize, share and circulate the content ideas. 

This work is now easy, you don’t have to be on it every time as you have the expert on board. Wink!


We don’t need to break our head, by just giving the idea of concept will be done with our job. The image or the posts that are going on the platform should resonate with the brand and the profile. 

The rest of the creative’ would be designed by the expert which will include the brand reputation. 

This enables us to monitor how well the brand is being received by the audience.


Social channels are active round the clock as the users around the world are accessing it, and we cannot afford to miss out. 

Instagram expert will be responsible and support if anything has to be taken care of. 

He will be checking the profile monitoring all the elements that work for the brand reputation and promotion.

Isn’t it handier to have a dedicated resource?

Overall having an expert for Instagram is a package wherein he would manage all the activities starting from creating the profile to optimizing to editing, posting and to growing followers to the profile.

The expert advice is essential because, one should know the difference between the fake and real Instagram followers.

It is not as easy as buying Instagram followers as it looks deceiving when there is no engagement. Acquiring followers would be easier but the brand will not be visible and hence there is no ROI on it, the real value is only gained through people’s likes and dislikes.  

Imagine having followers may a few thousands and having no buzz would sound so awkward and unrealistic. Isn’t it?

If it is real then there would be likes, shares and comments which will be natural for the brand to get views.

The ability to make your profile look out of the box is possible only when you have a dedicated resource, who would take care of all such unrealistic activities.


Real and organic traffic can be obtained only from the true engagement with the customers and trying to change or adapt according to the audience behavior.

Have an expert to maintain your Instagram handle? No, then do write to us as we have the expertise to optimize and manage the platform effectively which will create a buzz, visibility and brand reputation for you!

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