Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the traffic real?
The web traffic is being created with the help of real browsers. Its an automated traffic and is designed to act like real human traffic. Google Analytics will count it in site’s traffic but there will be lack of actual purchase.

2. What are your services for?
There are a lot of services our website provides for our customers. We work on

  • bounce rate of the site
  • return rate
  • session time for a session
  • increase your traffic volume all over
  • add more organic or social traffic

We are best at improving traffic metrics of the site.

3. Do you have free plans?
You can take a try with the free trial.  If you already have registered, you get the complimentary Demo credit and an extension of 2 hours to finish your project. You can look for your free trial here.

4. Why I cannot use my website for a free project?
Demo and trial projects are all about adding new information to the database and can only be used on sites not yet in the database. The same is the case with shorteners, redirect or affiliate links.

5. Is it Adsense (and any other Pay Per Click affiliate programs) safe?
Adsense safety is turned on and ads are avoided like plague. However, if there are any chances of ad clicking, our algorithm doesn’t allow it to load the ads.

6. Will the traffic help me with SEO, ranking, etc.?
It is difficult to know how Google algorithm works exactly. What is certain is that more traffic leads to better ranking. So, having more traffic in Google Analytics might prove very useful.

7. What is Alexa Traffic?
If your site visitor has an Alexa bar turned on, your traffic is Alexa Traffic. However, this is of no consequence to you if you don’t have an Alexa certificate for your website.

8. Will your traffic improve my Alexa Rank?
For this to work, you will first need to have an active Alexa Rank Certificate on your site, otherwise the help will not be particularly helpful.
If you have the active certificate, then can count your traffic. Till then, it’s a blind shot on your side.

9. How can I activate Alexa Rank Certified?
You need to visit, and look for the cheapest of bunch for your site.
It will be around $19.99 and will come with a 21-day period where your rank will be shown in estimation. Follow the instructions and after 21-days change your rank to certified manually. By default, your estimation rank will be shown.

10. Do you accept shorteners, redirect and affiliate links?
Trial and demo versions don’t provide these facilities, payed projects do.

11. Do you accept Adult websites?
Yes, they are accepted

12. What Bounce rate your traffic has?
There is no set bar for it. you can choose from 0% to 100% depending your site setting.

13. What is Bounce rate?
When someone only looks up one page and closes the browser right away, it creates a bounce visit. The percentage is known as bounce rate. The speed for closing the browser is generally very high as to not create additional page views and can also decrease the site traffic.

14. What is the best Bounce rate for my website?
This depends on the type of industry and the website you are looking for. In general suggestion, it will be good to have something in-between 30 – 70 %.
You can also check find what rate works best for you.

15. Can I pay with Bitcoin?
Sure, you can. You can contact us for more information.

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